We are looking forward to heading to Iceland again for our 3rd recording tour up there. As always, we don’t make any plans beforehand and are looking forward to the surprises we will experience. There is a lot to discover, since the last tour there are many new bands. But it will also be great to meet up with old friends and work with them again. One thing makes us particularly happy. Since we are going to Iceland for the first time in the high season in August, we can finally take part in the Norðanpaunk Festival. Yesss!

Orange ’Ear Recording tours: #OE2ICELAND 2015/2016 #OE2UK 2019

2015 it was time for Orange ’Ear to take to the road: with a few cameras, a mixing board, some film lights, a trustworthy bit of camping gear, and a few oranges… In May 2015 Orange ’Ear was on a recording tour in Iceland. In November 2016 during the Airwaves festival we were back in Reykjavík to discover new music and meet friends again. We filmed 18 bands at the MYRKRAMAKT festival in 2 nights and produced a music video with the Pink Street Boys. 2019 we hit the road to the UK. We came back with five very special videos. It was great fun to meet Hamilton Yarns, Nummo Twin, Garden Centre and Rattle and to work with them together. We did not meet Plïnkï Plønkï in person, but they was so kind to send us the song Hiraeth. In the mood of this song we captured pictures during our journey and we were very happy about the opportunity to produce a video for them.


Here is a description from Plïnkï Plønkï about the meaning of the title:

„Hiraeth (from our second album, ‚Pangur Din‘) is a Welsh word with no direct translation. It means a kind of nostalgia, or pining for a place or time you know you can never go back to, or perhaps was never even there. Whilst melancholic- it’s existence as a word we find somewhat reassuring! Words come to exist when there is a necessity, a permanence of concept- and to know that others can feel this sense of longing is to realise that one is less alone. We are all hurting, loving, missing, and feeling, together. Across the globe and across time- something unifies our experience. That is what we find most often in music, comedy, and art, and with every person who is kind enough to lend an ear or a word to our songs.“



OE2Iceland at Saga Fest

We are very proud to be invited and we are very happy to be a part of this project. We will stay at the festival from the 23rd to the 24th of May to capture the musicians on stage for the Saga Festival



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With a few cameras, a mixing board, some film lights, a trustworthy bit of camping gear, and a few oranges, in May 2015 Orange 'Ear is going to go on a music recording tour of Iceland.