[…] F.S.Blumm is a man most might not know. He ́s no pop artist, and not overtly experimental either. But somehow with In Sight he has done the impossible: put his own sound in that perfect middle point, leaving his voice behind to deep-dive into some truly memorable, fully composed pieces. In Sight is the kind of record you can put on at first crack of dawn, to enjoy its beautiful instrumental varieties during morning routine, while equally fitting as a listening experience towards the darker time of day… […]


(Eschberg Remix) from „Record Full Of Last Songs -​-​- Versions & Visions“

Video by Orange ’Ear and Bleedingblackwood.





Since March we have been broadcasting weekly. Every time we were very pleased and surprised about the playlists of our guests. It turned out that the playlists presented a nice retrospective of the last ten years of Orange ’Ear. Some musicians even played songs live from their living rooms. These unique perfomances were real highlights.


Well, after the twelfth broadcast, we’re going into the summer break with the show. It was a lot of fun and we thank all the guests and spectators who were there. #supportmusicians

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