Alligator Gozaimasu Special – Livestream: Feb. 28th 2pm

ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU is made of many heads, voices and noises. In the midst of the lockdown the sound collective, with more than 60 members spread all over the world, started to share sonic fragments, voices and noises online. An incredible dynamic and creative process started in which the musicians have the freedom to use and shape the bits and pieces in the sound pool in their very own way. Until now Alligator Gozaimasu have released six episodes of the album series „Solange bunte Balken durchlaufen“ (engl.: As Long As Render Bars Go Colourful).

On the 26th of February the Episode #7 will be released.

Orange ’Ear will take the chance to present a special release show: Timo C Engel will guide us through two hours full of interviews, music, poetry, and videos. Stephanie Müller (percussionist and songwriter of beißpony) who initiated Alligator Gozaimasu with fellow sound lovers will shed light on the background of her astonishing experiences with the XXL band.

The highlight of the show: With their passion for experiments, Alligator Gozaimasu will improvise live together for the first time! For this purpose, Orange ’Ear has set up a server on which the musicians can meet with minimal latency from different places around the world. This virtual rehearsal room will be kept open for their future collaborations.
These are benefit albums. With your payments you support Sea Watch e.V., a nonprofit organization that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the Central Med. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

The Alligator Gozaimasu Special will feature:

  • Aoi Swimming will bring us a tune on her Casio in a live performance from Japan.
  • Sezgin Inceel will play one of his gentle acoustic-folk, ethnic world and jazz tunes for us.
  • Laura Theis will give us some spoken word poems.
  • Jo will perform „The tenter is a bit veered off just now“ on her glasembel.
  • Klaus Erika Dietl, Helena Hartmann, Nicolai Herrmann aka SLEEP WAR KING, Gemma Meulendijks aka M I A, Gustavo Moi, Stephanie aka Rag Treasure, ZORK FREE ARTS LAB, and Lina Zylla will remotely perform a live concert for the first time in this constellation.
  • Thomas Glatz, Deidra Mesayu, Miboujin, and Mikio Saito have created animated drawings and visuals that include sonic fragments created by Fredi Grosser, Anton Kaun, Sarah Ines Struck, Carla Rosalia Zuccon and Paula Emilia Zuccon.
  • Julia Kotowski was so sweet to animate a wild alligator for us.


Underground Institute XX Launch

Nov.19 at 7pm

Orange ’Ear was very happy to produce the filming for the livestream of the Underground Institute Launch at the Kesselhaus Berlin.
The livestream was realised with the support of die.Verbreiter

AUDREY CHEN – A solo performance of the unique Taiwanese-American experimental vocal artist. Audrey’s technique is exploratory and fascinating, often using nothing but the mouth, the head and the body itself.
YA TOSIBA – Zuzu Zakaria, Norwegian-Azerbaijani producer mixing fantastic eastern grooves with cutting edge electronica.
German-Brazilian artist GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA has created a haunting audio-visual language entirely of her own.

produced by Orange ’Ear:
Livestream by die.Verbreiter
promoted by amStart
funded by Musicboard Berlin:


VROUW! is a five-piece, all-female experimental ensemble formed in Amsterdam and currently based in Berlin. VROUW! plays drums, cymbals, bass, contact mics, shoes, self-made synths, cards, hats, tin foil & plastic bags, bowls, beads, threads and endless other ever-changing amplified objects. VROUW! screams, sings, whispers and listens, riding the intricate waves of their ambient soundscapes.
Agnė Auželytė – keyboards, voice
Tristen Bakker – bass, noise box, voice
Kata Kovács – contact mic, found objects, voice
Angela Muñoz – percussion, voice
Lisa Simpson – talking hats and oscillations, voice

Special thx to Julia Kotowski for the additional camera

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