GRÓA – Livestream at KUZE Potsdam

Orange ’Ear was proud to present a special band from Iceland again in a livestream. Oct. 22th | #OE2ICELAND

GRÓA is a Icelandic trio formed by Karólína, Hrafnhildur and Fríða. Their music is a powerful mix of art punk, alternative post punk and improvisations. Their lyrics are a surreal mix of storytelling and obvious improvisations. GRÓA recently released their album „What I like to do“ which brilliantly sums up their raw attitude and sound.
Venue: KUZE Potsdam
2nd. Kamera: Thomas Künzel
Audio – Post – Mixed by: Atli Finnsson


Jo – Amino Titu

Amino Titu was released at October 4th 2021!
Last year Jo followed a sound path, which had started in Stöðvarfjörður and has continued in Berlin. On this album the two locations began to blur and a new place emerged: Amino Titu!

Enjoy a glance at Jo’s recent album Amino Titu.

The record release party took place at WestGermany Berlin on Oct. 8th 2021. Jo played her glasambel and Lisa Simpson brought her amplified sewing machine. Two edgy concerts in one of our favourite venues.

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