A while ago, Jo joined the project Alligator Gozaimazu. A sound collective with more than 60 members.
In times like these, the cooperation between the artists was mainly an exchange of sound files via a drop folder.
This has resulted in a lot of joint compositions that have been released on 8 compilations on Bandcamp so far. The revenues from these samplers all go to Sea Watch. Orange ’Ear has already produced a livestream in February to bring some of the Alligators together virtually. But now we are overjoyed to have met many of the artists in person.

From August 13th to 15th the festival Alligator:Go! took place in Munich and Orange ’Ear is happy that we could broadcast the concerts for you to the world.

Friday, Aug. 13th.

7.00pm/Session One:

  • Masako Ohta (Taishogoto – Japanese harp-like synthesizer, vocals, piano) –
  • Sebastian Giussani (Analogue modular synthesizer) –

8.00pm/Session Two:


  • Şevket Akıncı (Free jazz guitar, electronics) –
  • Iñaki Rocha Echevarría (Sound-controlled overhead visuals, self-built electronic music) –
  • Martin Krejci (Electronics, noise) –
  • Sarah Ines (Beat poetry, acoustic sound objects) –

Saturday, Aug. 14th.

7.00pm/Session One:

8.00pm/Session Two:


  • Nunofyrbeeswax (Queerfeminist minimal rock’n’roll/ contemporary dance on drum set) –
  • Lisa Silveira Caneiro aka Agente Costura (Prepared handbags, sonic puppets, oscillators) –
  • Stephanie Müller aka Rag Treasure ( Agente Costura’s oscillator hat, percussion, vocals) –

Sunday, Aug. 15th.

2.00pm/Session One:

6.00pm/Session Two:

7:30/Session Three:

Alligator:Go! is a festival for experimental music and art More than 30 musicians* and artists* from Munich and other places, cities and countries that were already connected online will come together offline for the first time from August 13-15. The open-air stage of IMPORT EXPORT offers space for improvised music. Electronic music reinterpreted with medical meters, dulcimer and cello, queer dream-pop and contemporary vocal performance mix up the raucous noise mantra – „in doubt for the contradiction“. Professional musicians* and artists* who never tire of experimenting further collaborate with people who have only recently discovered playing and producing together.

The Alligator:Go! festival wants to make you want to look beyond your own borders and explore future forms of collectivity and community together. What possibilities will open up when artists and musicians join together again offline? Is it time to unlearn familiar forms of encounter and try out something new? Right next to the IMPORT EXPORT open space, in the adjacent MUCCA Halle, the Munich based projects will built a modular spatial installation: over the course of the festival, it will become a shell for self-built music, a repository for sketchy sound notes, a projection surface for visuals, and a streaming interface.

Based out of and , the Alligator:Go! festival wants to spin temporary webs in the surroundings of Neuhausen and Schwabing West. Thus, in addition to the program on the festival grounds, a sound walk in the neighborhood is also planned.
With all the anticipation of playing and researching together in presence, the interface to the world is still to be considered. Thus, all those who cannot be present on site can take part through watching the streaming sessions.


Alligator Gozaimasu Special – Livestream: Feb. 28th 2pm

ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU is made of many heads, voices and noises. In the midst of the lockdown the sound collective, with more than 60 members spread all over the world, started to share sonic fragments, voices and noises online. An incredible dynamic and creative process started in which the musicians have the freedom to use and shape the bits and pieces in the sound pool in their very own way. Until now Alligator Gozaimasu have released six episodes of the album series „Solange bunte Balken durchlaufen“ (engl.: As Long As Render Bars Go Colourful).

Episode #7 was released on 26 February.

Orange ’Ear took the opportunity to present a special release show: Timo C. Engel led us through two hours of interviews, music, poetry and videos. Stephanie Müller (percussionist and songwriter of Beißpony), who created Alligator Gozaimasu with other sound lovers, shed light on the background of her amazing experiences with the XXL band.

The highlight of the show: the experimental Alligator Gozaimasu improvised live together for the first time! For this purpose, Orange ’Ear set up a server where the musicians could meet with minimal latency from different locations around the world. This virtual rehearsal space is kept open for their future collaboration.
These are benefit albums. With your payments you support Sea Watch e.V., a nonprofit organization that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the Central Med. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

The Alligator Gozaimasu Special presented to us:

  • Aoi Swimming played a melody on her Casio for us in a live performance from Japan.
  • Sezgin Inceel played one of his soft acoustic folk, ethnic world and jazz songs for us.
  • Laura Theis recited some spoken word poetry for us.
  • Jo performed „The tenter is a bit veered off just now“ on her Glasambel.
  • For the first time in this constellation, Klaus Erika Dietl, Helena Hartmann, Nicolai Herrmann aka SLEEP WAR KING, Gemma Meulendijks aka M I A, Gustavo Moi, Stephanie aka Rag Treasure, ZORK FREE ARTS LAB and Lina Zylla performed a remote live concert.
  • Thomas Glatz, Deidra Mesayu, Miboujin and Mikio Saito created animated drawings and visuals that included sound fragments by Fredi Grosser, Anton Kaun, Sarah Ines Struck, Carla Rosalia Zuccon and Paula Emilia Zuccon.
  • Julia Kotowski was kind enough to animate a wild alligator for us.

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