Sunday 22 March we started our new livestream series. As first guest we invited Bleedingblackwood to choose music from our collection and play some songs live from his living room for us. The show was so much fun that we decided to continue it.

Stay Tuned for our next guest on Sunday the 29th of March: entertainment for the braindead

The stream will be hosted on our facebook page.



Have a listen to Jo’s new EP, on which a medical MRI scanner is the main instrument.
Jo love to thank deeply her comrades, who have given her their full support, backing and affinity along the way:

Simone G. operated the MRI scanner. Jo thanks her for the most energetic sequences!

Mute Swimmer gave his voice to All The Kings. Highly open minded, he stepped into a weird experimental recording set up … It turns out, that he is the perfect ambient singer in the silent darkness.

Frank Schültge did a great job in mastering: He handled all the quiet and fragile details with great sensitivity …

Timo C Engel is the most incredible companion: he follows every step, notices every turn of the work, encourages new experiments and is always curious to be astounded by Jo’s music.


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