dj flugvél og geimskip

dj flugvél og geimskip – Live at Orange ‘Ear | 6th of March 2015




Á Krossgötum

Hættur á hafi úti

Gamli fjandi (The Old Snake)

Martraðanótt (Nightmare From The East)

Hjari veraldrar

dj flugvél og geimskip – Trommuþrællinn (the Drum Slave)


dj. flugvél og geimskip’s electronic-horror music with a space twist was beamed surprisingly straight from Iceland to Orange ’Ear. She took us to ride in her glamorous spaceship far far further to the edge of the galaxy! Take the airplane next to you and join us on that extraordinary trip. Get skyjacked ! She will savely guide you with the warmth of her heart through nightmares, oceans, galaxies, and the destiny of a drumslave.

dj. flugvél og geimskip

Special thx to Francesco Scarpa and Robin Lochmann for the additional cameras