OE2Iceland at Saga Fest


Kippi Kaninus SAGA FEST 2015 from ORANGE 'EAR.



We captured eleven bands on the mainstage at Saga Fest. Despite cold and windy weather, all the band have played with so much fun and contribute to the great atmosphere at Saga Fest. The very cool sound guys from  Ofur hljóð/ljós recorded all tracks straight in their Pro Tools. We are looking forward to a splendid live-sound. Break SagaFest Saga Fest is an immersive arts and music festival in Iceland that promotes sustainability and transformative change in communities. More at www.sagafest.is We are very proud to be invited and we are very happy to be a part of this project. We will stay at the festival from the 23rd to the 24th of May and looking forward to capture the musicians on stage. Here is a nice article about on the german site of Iceland Review