Jasmina Maschina

Jasmina Maschina | Live @ ORANGE ‚EAR


Love You More And More
Lisa’s Opening
The City Is Moving Like A Map
City Fever
Sweet City Sue
Under Sea
You Come And Go As You Please
Noise Is Noise And Feelings Are Feelings

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Jasmina Maschina
Jasmine Monique Guffond

Jasmine Guffond is an Australian electronics musician who relocated to Berlin from Sydney in 2003 with her band MINIT. Equally interested in song, composition and free, improvised music, as Jasmina Maschina she began recording songs in her myriad of Berlin apartments, producing her debut Jasmina Maschina album ‚The Demolition Series‘ released on Staubgold in 2008. A split LP/CD release with golden diskó ship just came out on Monika Enterprise, March 2010.

Live, Jasmina has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist, Theresa Stroetges. Together they perform hauntingly beautiful live variations of her songs. Fragile layers of sound swirling magnificently around your ears, each song based on her personal style of gentle guitar picking, yet at any moment capable of interrupting into intoxicating noise, seducing you into her wonderful atmosphere.