Tintin Patrone Live at Orange ’Ear, Jan. 6th 2024

With a focus on minimal sound work and long-duration performances, Tintin’s artistic endeavors are deeply influenced by her studies in microtonality. Using a trombone and a range of modulation devices, she crafts compositions that gradually unfold, featuring sustained tones that create a contemplative atmosphere. However, it is in the realm of drone music that Tintin Patrone truly carves her sonic identity. Embracing the mesmerizing and meditative qualities of drone, she skillfully utilizes her trombone and modulation devices to create expansive soundscapes.
Her compositions in this genre draw listeners into a sonic journey, where the immersive and sustained tones become a vehicle for introspection and a deep, almost meditative experience. Tintin’s drone music invites audiences to transcend the conventional boundaries of sound and immerse themselves in the hypnotic textures she weaves. Through her sonic explorations, she not only pushes the limits of artistic expression but also offers a unique perspective on the profound connections between music and the human experience.