Sólveig Matthildur

Last March we had a world premiere. Sólveig Matthildur plays her first solo set at Orange ’Ear. We are very happy to present you the videos

Unexplained Miseries I

Unexplained Miseries II

Acceptance of Sorrow III

For the last years Sólveig has been working as a musician in the synth punk project Kælan Mikla and running the record label Hið myrka man . Her latest side project is MYRKFÆLNI, a print distrubution for Icelandic underground music. Now she started her solo project; Sólveig Matthildur. Working primarily with synthesizers, strings and voices circling around 20 hz sine waves that eventually start beating with your heart. Taking you on a journey, through unexplained miseries to the acceptance of sorrow.