Singing balconies in Friedrichshain

We would like to thank Polly & Bob for the great collaboration and and to help us to realise our dream project to have the Singing Balconies in Friedrichshain.

Friedrichshain’s neighbours climbed onto the balconies in Friedrichshain on 2.11.2013 and have something to give.

38 balconies, 38 performances, 3 tours, a total of more than 10 hours program.
…over 1000 people in the audience on the street.

Mona La Phona | Singende Balkone Friedrichshain from ORANGE ‚EAR.

Mona La Phona’s performance in the Open Space at the Night of the Singing Balconies in Friedrichshain 2013.
I’m Your Best Friend | Indefinite Time | The House Next To The Stars | Universe Of Dots

Special thanks to Eva-Maria Stoll and Francesco Scarpa for the additional camera work

We made the balconies sing!