Razor Cunts

We was so happy to have them on Sunday the 13th Dec. Live at Orange ’Ear

Recipe: Add The Raincoats, Lydia Lunch, Miranda July, Bikini Kill, Yoko Ono, X Ray Spex, ESG and Mary Poppins and mix in a blender for roughly 25-30 years. Then spice with cellos and stripes and dirty words and drums and distortion and love.

Voila! You’ve been Razor Cunted.

Violent Violet
Gay Rider
Jesus Christ on a Bike
Cock Rock
No No No No (No No No No)
Attention Span
Bad Love
It’s a Thing
Tampon Mouth

Starring Jane Flett and Ambika Thompson


Razor Cunts are a two-piece riot grrl punk band, starring Ambika Thompson (cello, drums, vocals) and Jane Flett (cello, tambourine, vocals). Their debut EP Chickmeat is out now, with songs about menstruation, Jupiter’s moons, and making out with Frida Kahlo. When they’re not making distorted noises come out of classical instruments, Jane and Ambika like to write award-winning stories, host queer events, and film music videos in children’s playgrounds. Ambika used to be in the Anna Thompsons and Jane used to be in Fueldiva, but now that they’ve found their kindred cello spirits, everything is better, and they’ve vowed to only play in all-cello bands from now on.