Mary Oocher – A Portrait

a film by Frank Nagel & Frank Schnelle | produced by Orange 'Ear & Schnelle-Medienproduktion

Mary Ocher,
„Singer-songwriter, poet, artist and ocassional dj, Born Maria Ocheretianskaya (Russian: Мария Очеретянская, Hebrew: מאריה אוצ’רטיאנסקי) an only child, to a voice and puppet theater actor father and an unemployed engineer Mother, on November 10 1986, in Moscow, Russia, then part of the Soviet Union. Her family immigrated to Israel on February 21 1991. first to a kibbutz in the Negev, in the south of Israel and several months later to Tel Aviv.

Later forced to change her name to Miriam, while studying at a religious Jewish school in Israel. studied film in an art high school in Tel-Aviv, from which she had dropped out at the beginning of the 12th grade.

at the age of 18 she adopted Ocher as a last name.

In December 2006 formed Mary and The Baby Cheeses, a highly noted band in the Israeli underground circles and media in 2007, in October of the following year the band has moved to Berlin, where later she had changed the entire line-up.

In December 2008 released „War songs“ with 13 acoustic apocalyptic folk songs (and a single „bonus“ track) about war, crime and related murder. which was rereleased through Haute Areal on March 11 2011.

In mid 2009 several of her poems and „the origins of evil“ photography project have been published in several on-line and printed magazines.

In April 2009 she organized The Queens and The Rebels (of Unpopular Culture) Festival, for theatrical music/performance art and multimedia at the legendary Tacheles complex in Berlin. the next edition of the festival is planned for April 2010.

In Feb 2010 she organized The 15 Minutes Festival in Tel Aviv, on Rothchild BLVD, where several musicians and poets performed for a mixed crowd.“

Mary Ocher