MARKÚS and Prins Póló at Havarí

May 2017, on our journey through Iceland, we visit our friends Svavar and Berglind on her farm Karlsstaðir in the eastfjords.
The Karlsstaðir farm is where husband and wife Svavar and Berglind run the HAVARÍ; café, food production, guesthouse, and art shed.
During our stay MARKÚS gave a concert on the big stage in the cafe. At the end of the concert Prins Póló came out on stage and played a few songs together with MARKÚS. Vinni Vamos accompanied the two on the drums.

MARKÚS – Give Me Something, Live at Havarí

MARKÚS & Prins Póló – París Norðursins, Live at Havarí

HAVARÍ’s mission is
… innovative food production.
… to produce refreshing art events
… to offer artists space to work and give them a platform to reveal them.

HAVARÍ produces Bulsur (vegan sausages) and Sveitasnakk (chips from home grown vegetables).

Svavar and Berglind also do music as Prins Póló and Skakkamanage.