Limpe Fuchs – Live at NNOI Festival

At the weekend 5th to 7th July 2019 we joined the outstanding NNOI Festival. We did several recordings for the nice bunch of the NNOI festival. One of the highlights for us was the performance of Limpe Fuchs.


Statement Limpe Fuchs:

Making music while listening to the streaming of time. Simplicity and emotion. While listening to the resonance of the performance space, developing musical ideas and a directing concept.

My sound material – wood and granite stone rows, ringing bronze within the ballast string instruments – and the variety of my other instruments – drums with skin or bronze drumhead, violin, piano,, wood horn, bamboo flute – gives me many possibilities to choose the right material for every performance.

When improvising with other musicians new ways of playing are found, created through new emotions, which are stored in the musical memory It is a treasure that is growing with every performance – in contrary to the interpreting musician, who has to provide his imaginary musical paper basket on his way to perfection.

When a performance is planned, a concept for the concert is worked outwhen rehearsing with the invited musicians, which arranges the possible combinations. In the performance this structure is filled with the skill and intuition of the players.

A sentence of the composer Helmut Lachenmann: „I am trying to find the sound – Limpe Fuchs has found already“, shows how convincing she presents her instruments and sound installations

2nd camera: Julia Kotowski
Sound Recording: Remo Lamp, Konrad Schalinski