Lake Felix – Leash My Elephant

Orange ’Ear present a new video for Lake Felix. „Leash My Elephant“ is a track from her upcoming album „Kick It to Taka Tuka Land“ which will be released Friday the 17th November 2017

Lake Felix played a concert at Orange ’Ear in October 2016 and we are very happy to continue colaboration and to produced this nice video for her.

(Crooked Psych Rock Onewomanband) is the highly optimistic name for an itchy-guitar-driven, bumpy try to turn the puddle of all the wayward, ugly creatures, that one can be, to a deep and clear watered lake of shiny little fishes. It’s the name of a berlin-based onewomanband, making sometimes more epic, sometimes more psychedelic-electronic colored folk-punk-rock, backed by loops of sounds, beats, guitar- and voicescapes and scraps of human being.“Loops on guitar and vocals create a rich and sometimes terrifying choir, displaying about every intense notion that a human heart can bear without discarding.”