Projekt Beschreibung


IDK | IDA – 21st. Jan. 2017


Clint Eastwood
Game of Tag
Sea Creature
Bees’ Riot
Noise on the Line
BTM Temporary


IDK | IDA  is a Reykjavik based electronic producer and singer from Denmark who has her roots planted in the Icelandic underground scene. By spending 1,5 years independently writing, recording sounds and producing, she’s created a universe of her own that explores the friction between the mechanic and the organic. Deep bass, complex beats and a web of field recordings create an atmosphere that wraps itself around her powerful yet fragile voice, and the listener is invited into the alluring world of IDK | IDA.


We have met IDK | IDA last November at the fabolous MYRKRAMAKT festival in Reykjavík and we are very happy that IDK | IDA performed her set live at Orange ’Ear