Frank – Live at Orange ’Ear, May 2024

Frank completed his 60th orbit around the sun. In this full swing, he was ready for his stage debut. To mark the occasion, we celebrated a very special evening of improvised music at Orange ’Ear.

Last autumn Frank started to develop his set-up for improvised music. Starting with the old familiar guitar, he quickly added a no-input mixer. To dive even deeper into noise music he started to shape the sounds digitally. A multitude of analogue sound samples expanded the spectrum and opened up a wide range of options for his hints of melodies, sporadic rhythms and sonic structures. After some private sessions with the „Päfgens“, „Dizzy Moon“, „beltership“ and Marina Cyrino / Matthias Koole (ICNISP) it was now time to go on stage.

soundcloud.com/too-slow-to-sadden | orange-ear.de/frank