F:S: BLUMM – Live at ORANGE ’EAR | 27.12.2013. Offener Raum


Echo Of Our Days
Some Sweets
Speed Of Time
Kurzer Winter

F.S. BLUMM released his new CD „Up Up And Astray“ on 25 November 2013
We are happy that we could present it here at Orange ‚Ear on 27.12.2013.

For 15 years, Frank Schültge has been publishing his melodic experiments with the concert guitar as F.S. BLUMM, which effortlessly manages to hit the heart in its reduction. „This man makes some damn charming music“, said Pitchfork about his last album. On Up Up And Astray, F.S. BLUMM shows us that he doesn’t rely on routine even on his eighth longplayer. His inexhaustible arsenal of acoustic instruments and exquisite circuitry forms the most energetic BLUMM sound we have ever experienced.

The title of the album perfectly describes his own energy: F.S. BLUMM took a break for six years as a solo artist and instead „practiced and learned, multiplied and intentionally got lost“ in various collaborations. F.S. BLUMM will be many and is now fully available for us. It goes on and on, always upwards, and from there into uncertain dimensions. „Astray,“ as „losing yourself“ in the most beautiful sense. „Up Up“, not as a sweaty HarderBetterFasterStronger, but with BLUMM’s heartfelt „pling“ of the acoustic guitar. With cookie jars through which he plays and picks up his sounds, with double bass and kalimba.

F.S. BLUMM is back from the wide worlds of his collaborations. After excursions as bass player in Quasi Dub Development, classical guitarist with Old Splendifolia, songwriter with Bobby And Blumm, as sound researcher together with Nils Frahm and as an extroverted dub mashup DJ King hobby, he brings what he learned there back to his solo project. And F.S. BLUMM sings! Through just the cookie jar, which sounds like an exquisite vintage amp.

With various guest musicians, F.S. BLUMM manages to create a sound between acoustic guitar and electronic production that is subtle and unique. F.S. BLUMM: „My decisions in the studio are neither clever nor strategic, they are completely guided by the music. My music stays fresh, maybe even a little naive, precisely because it unfolds its own life and is not oriented to trends or the market“.