Atariame played her lovely Lo-Fi tunes Live at ORANGE ‘EAR. We recorded this concert at the 2nd of May. 2014



I grow
Six Melodies in the Cage

Atariame was started a long time ago when it wasn’t even called Atariame. It was called some other names, and I was 8 or 9; I was playing flute, using boxes from tape records as drums and pencils as drumsticks. I recorded tapes with songs in some language that I invented. As far as I go other instruments, I started to use them – piano, guitar, Korg. What I have been doing for all the time is inventing catchy and beautiful melodies, that could be played in any other way, but still be as memorable.

A friend of mine (a musical journalist, actually) compares my style to that of Cat Power. If we talk about music that we know already and compare it with mine, I would add The Books and maybe Death in June, but with a female face.

Special thanks for the 2nd camera to: