Alexander Geist

Alexander Geist | Live @ ORANGE ’EAR 2011


Bad Language
Tough Luck
The Lonesome Sound Of Crying
All Power
Figure It Out
Raised A Christian
What I Mean To You
Time To Go Home
For Your Consideration
Beat Of My Heart

Alexander Geist also played a very lovely duet with Mary Ocher

Alexander & Mary Ocher – Address Yourself Entirely To Me

Part Evelyn Waugh novel, part silver screen star, Alexander is the velvet voice of morose disco-soul. Combining melodramatic lyrics and insistent melodies with the dry wit of Morrissey and the soundscape of Moroder, Alexander was born for the spotlight.
Written and recorded between New York, Berlin, London and Dublin, Alexander’s songs capture the flavour of a certain international demi-monde; the glamour, the tears, the raucous parties and the untimely deaths.
Alexander | Live @ ORANGE ’EAR
Picture by Cezary Zacharew

Compared to everyone from Bowie to Dietrich, Alexander has nevertheless created out a unique sound for himself, at once nostalgic and contemporary.
For this special Orange Ear presentation, Alexander will be joined by his band Ms Evelyn Krampf, Ms Anna Mimouni and Ms Matthias Hofmann.