Epiphany WOW! – „Rising Water“ | residency presentation .. 10.02.2019

The Epiphany NOW musicians and sound artists Jana Sotzko and Theresa Stroetges (Soft Grid, Golden Diskó Ship) and the musician Loretta Myr (VVRNGDNG, Balg) are going – this time without the accompanying light artist Benjamin Augustin – into a new audiovisual live installation and performance project with further invited musicians, sound and light/video artists. Away from pure audiovisual improvisation, towards a hybrid form of improvisation, site-specific composition and performance with sound, light and objects: Under the title Rising Water, Epiphany WOW! will develop a live format that relates to foreign space and is immersed in sound and colours.

Theresa Stroetges – Viola, Synth, Voice
Jana Sotzko – Drums, Trombone, Synth
Loretta Myr -Samples, Keytar, Noisebastard
Janine Eisenächer – Sounding Objects
DuChamp – Guitar, Organ
Tellavision – Loops, Synth
Helen Hess – Virtual Voices, Electronics
Katorina Pling – Installation, Space
Robert Brandes -Visuals and Objects
Or Safati – Projections
Mo / Aiko Okamoto – Visuals