FULL SIXTY CIRCLES May 25th, Doors 7:30pm, Concert 8pm

Dear friends:
Frank is completing his 60th orbit around the sun. In this full swing he is ready for his stage debut. Therefore we would like to invite you to a very special improv. music night at Orange ’Ear.

FRANK: Last autumn Frank started to develop his set-up for improvised music. Starting with the old familiar guitar, he quickly added a no-input mixer. To dive even deeper into noise music he started to shape the sounds digitally. A multitude of analogue sound samples expanded the spectrum and opened up a wide range of options for his hints of melodies, sporadic rhythms and sonic structures. After some private sessions with the „Päfgens“, „Dizzy Moon“, „beltership“ and Marina Cyrino / Matthias Koole (ICNISP) it is now time to go on stage. He is looking forward to give his stage debut together with Dizzy Moon

DIZZY MOON: One cello & one voice. Dizzy Moon is a singular project that proposes an extremely sensitive combination, where the richness of the cello sounds mingle with Maryse’s limpid and ethereal voice and bring a beautiful and intimate music. With songs mostly in English—sometimes in French—one lets oneself get carried away by the smooth and airy unity with folk and indie influences. A rooted blues also tinkles & reveals our own feelings. „About improvisation, …in interaction with nature, landscapes, and musical landscapes creating by others musicians, dancers, so many things can get me inspired and letting me express completely free. improvising with others is also a dialog, a discussion. So happy to renew this privileged moments with Frank.“

ICNISP: Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices is the Berlin-based duo of Brazilian musicians Marina Cyrino (flute) and Matthias Koole (el. guitar), formed in 2018. With a mixture of electronic and acoustic sound sources, objects and preparations, internal amplification and no-input mixing, the duo presents a lively and highly imaginative approach to their instruments. The amplified piccolo can function as a noise generator and a percussion instrument; the alto flute can be played by an external balloon that moans; the guitar quickly switches between sound worlds in chaotic mutations of instrumental techniques and no-input mixing. The duo works across improvisation and multidisciplinary projects. In 2023 they released their first album Calisthenics on the Brazilian label Seminal Records.

JD ZAZIE: is an experimental DJ, avant-turntablist, sound artist and curator.
Coming from a DJ and a radiophonic background JD Zazie has explored different approaches to real-time manipulation of fixed recorded sound. In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities. As a solo performer, in small groups, and in large ensembles, she works in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what could be defined as DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.


Augustė Vickunaitė – May 11th

Augustė Vickunaitė exclusively employs reel-to-reel tape recorders to play, record, and create sounds, articulating diverse layers of recordings including found material, field recordings, voice, music instruments, objects, and the whole spectrum of malfunctions of decaying technology. Her solo work encompasses tape loops and collages of found audio tapes.
Within the performance realm, Augustė specializes in tape music, noise, and collage music. Her performances are characterized by their noisy, theatrical, and humorous nature, as she frequently exploits the malfunctions of technology.

DuChamp – April 27th

(Drone – Germany/Italy)
DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone.
She released albums for Boring Machines (“Nar”), Idiosyncratics (“Sculpture”), Full Body Massage (“A Blazing World”).
Since 2017, aside baritone guitar and keys, DuChamp incorporate real field recordings in her music, related to her personal memory, into her drone compositions, by adding layers of sounds and noise in attempt to recreate some kind of apophonias.

Antti Virtaranta – April 19th

Antti Virtaranta presents his new solo bass project Live at Orange ’Ear.

Antti’s music is a quest of colors and gracefully appearing textures within a marathon of fierce, dense repeating swells of sound. His exploration is focused on minimalism and microscopic details, but turned up (volume-wise [acoustically ]).
The textures, which range from beautiful floating harmonies to harsh beating and scratching noises, are full of subtle details that are tangled and manipulated into some construct of composition.

Omen – March 23rd

The sounds of Omen wave you into her psyche, her fiction and obsession, her gloomy realm of sound in space. Omen is the solo project of Berlin based artist Hannah Schiefelbein. Her latest album entitled Wild Sleep was released on cassette by local label Kashual Plastik and touches base in manifold stylistic subdivisions – drone zones, dragging industrial, pop miniatures and field recordings.

For this performance at Orange Ear Omen’s minimal electronic hardware set up — a soap bar sized synth, cassette deck and effect pedals, is accompanied by live vocals and a visual concept conceived in collaboration with artist Jill Kiddon.

Congee Rats Live at Orange ’Ear, Feb. 24th.

Congee Rats is a project of Dong Zhou’s, which explores all genres of electronic pop music and reflects the life situation of marginalised people.

Congee Rats, aka Dong Zhou, is a composer-performer based in Hamburg. In 2023, Dong Zhou started this solo project as a performing producer. Fanfiction is a collaboration with Daria Geske, which brought life to four songs in today’s set. The other songs were Zhou’s sound diary during the last Christmas holiday.

Andreas Voccia Live at Orange ’Ear, Jan. 27th.

Andreas Voccia is a musician and video artist based in Berlin. Originally a trained jazz guitar player, he now works with a modular synthesizer to implement compositional practices from contemporary classical music in an improvisational and responsive environment. Besides his solo work, he is currently involved in several projects with musicians from the experimental and free jazz scenes.

In his music he looks into abstract principles like movement, pattern, space, time, and how everything is interwoven with each other through resonance processes, in order to approach the fundamental question of the nature/essence of Reality. His main interest is to find in all the complex systems a poetic view which aims to draw out the tension betweeen the inside and the outside.

Tintin Patrone Live at Orange ’Ear, Jan. 6th 2024

With a focus on minimal sound work and long-duration performances, Tintin’s artistic endeavors are deeply influenced by her studies in microtonality. Using a trombone and a range of modulation devices, she crafts compositions that gradually unfold, featuring sustained tones that create a contemplative atmosphere. However, it is in the realm of drone music that Tintin Patrone truly carves her sonic identity. Embracing the mesmerizing and meditative qualities of drone, she skillfully utilizes her trombone and modulation devices to create expansive soundscapes.
Her compositions in this genre draw listeners into a sonic journey, where the immersive and sustained tones become a vehicle for introspection and a deep, almost meditative experience. Tintin’s drone music invites audiences to transcend the conventional boundaries of sound and immerse themselves in the hypnotic textures she weaves. Through her sonic explorations, she not only pushes the limits of artistic expression but also offers a unique perspective on the profound connections between music and the human experience.


Released, Nov.17.2023

Video – The Tangible Tryst

Once, when Jo worked in a salt mine, she switched off the headlight in a deep mining tunnel and found herself in the greatest silence and darkness. Apart from the taste of salt, the only thing that was present was absence. For decades she kept this feeling of emptiness.

On this album Jo opened up some dots of this empty token and a 10-kg sack of Asian flour burst onto a humdrum leeway. On this own run a grained crow flew untamed into a tangible tryst and leaving nothing but blunt salt.

Maximilian Glass (electronics) & Michael Thieke (clarinet)

September 15th, 2023

Set 1 (für Rosi) – Maximilian Glass & Michael Thieke

Set 2 (für Marcus) – Maximilian Glass & Michael Thieke

Maximilian Glass is a Berlin based sound artist, improviser and composer with a focus on resonating frequencies and the complementary relationship between acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic sounds. He interprets playback devices as musical instruments, creates feedback systems, manipulates motors and plays objects. His work takes place in the form of concerts, installations, compositions, (radio)performances and mostly in scenarios of site-specific interactions.

Michael Thieke – clarinetist/composer/performer – is equally at home across a broad range of musical environments, such as experimental song forms, collectively composing projects, improvising collectives, and music on the fringes of jazz. He is exploring the minutiae of sound, timbre and noise, with a particular interest in microtonality and related sound phenomena. The qualities of slowness are another.

João Orecchia & Sicker Man – „Parallax“ – Release Concert

August 12th, 2023

João Orecchia: bassclarinet, modular system
Sicker Man: electric cello, effects
João Orecchia and Sicker Man have been working together since 2003, when they met through a classified ad in a Berlin newspaper. They immediately connected through improvisation and analogue electronics, forming a vast and intricate musical communication style.
Throughout the pandemic, separately from each other, they engaged more and more with artists like Ornette Coleman and Bennie Maupin, which presented as a lucky surprise in the recording sessions. João had been learning the bass clarinet and working to incorporate the instrument with his modular system. Tobias had specialised on multiphonic and glitch-orientated effect pedals with his electric cello. The next step for the duo became obvious when they met in 2022 to record their new album ‚Parallax‘.

Agente Costura & Beltership Live at Orange ’Ear

July 29th, 2023

#encore – Agente Costura & Beltership

We look back at this unique duo, together with them we are immersed in a very special sound world. Agente Costura + Beltership played their second concert together and Orange ’Ear had the honor of presenting this improvised set. The two combined their ingenuity in constructing sonic devices with their extraordinary sense for arrangements and interwoven soundscapes.

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