2 Live Perfomance Videos

Musicvideo production for Bleedingblackwood’s – Last Night Lover

Live recording from the Hang/Cello duo Nos Envolées

"Leash My Elephant" is a track from Lake Felix new album "Kick It to Taka Tuka Land"

Motion controlled one shot video for F.S.Blumm's new single "Going Away

Analog and Digital Recording Studio, currently being build at the Fish Factory in Stöðvarfjörður. Iceland.

3 Versions of the song "To The Light" Music Video | Piano | Live Mary Ocher

Dark Wave Festival Reykjavík Bandcamp-Myrkramakt II

Video from the Soft Grid studio production of the song "Corolla"

sandals, kidney beans and soccer beer guide to hell

recorded Live at the Culture Container Berlin

Jara plays one of her beautiful impro-sets for us at the Kópavogskirkja.

an unrehearsed experimental performance from the marvelous Trux 'O' Flux

Hellirinn biður from dj flugvél og geimskips new album Nótt á Hafsbotni

A video single from the all female 5 piece Icelandic band Grúska Babúska.

Gus Loxbo & Katt Hernandez at Cafe Babalú

Music video for the brand new "Antimony" song "Purity Control"

Teitur Magnússon​ plays his song “Nenni” in front of the Gröndalshús in Reykjavík.

Lay Low sings “Gleðileg blóm” for us at a sunny noon on top of the cliff

We are proud to present the surpassing Kælan Mikla with their new song "Kalt"

Émotional is the solo project of beatboxer and multi-instrumentalist Aymeric Hainaux

Music-Video: Dizzy Moon Around | You can pre-order the EP at

Live at the Down by the River Festival #6 & #7 - @ ://about blank Too Sweet from the album Glowing Seas

Mona La Phonas Auftritt im Offenen Raum bei der Nacht der Singenden Balkone

Utku Tavil AV | Solo audiovisual improvised performances

Videoschnitt mit von Kiev Stingl zur Verfügung gestellten super 8 Material - "1982 with girlfriends"

Listen, FREE download and share the album! -bandcamp - do it-do-it-together